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Release of the Film "Stories of the Amazonian Rubber Boom"

Last Thursday, December 1, we released “Stories of the Amazonian Rubber Boom” an educational documentary that tackles a key chapter of Peruvian history that has been ignored by official history and is largely unknown to the public. The rubber boom of late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries generated demographic and economic growth at the cost of tens of thousands of lives of indigenous people who were enslaved, tortured and assassinated bu the rubber barons.

The film has been produced by CAVP with the support of the Dirección General de Educación Básica Alternativa, Intercultural Bilingüe y de Servicios Educativos en el Ámbito Rural (DIGEIBIRA) of the Ministry of Education of Peru. It will be distributed nationwide as a pedagogical kit to be used in schools and universities.

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