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Opening of "Savia," an Extraordinary Theater Play about the Amazonian Rubber Boom and Geno

This last October 12th opened in Lima Savia, a theater play by Luis Alberto Leon directed by Chela De Ferrari of Teatro La Plaza. The story centers on Don Jesus, a character based on Julio Cesar Arana, "king of rubber" and main responsible for the genocide that took the lives of nearly forty thousand indigenous peoples in the Putumayo region of the northern Amazon. Sick and maddened by his supremacist delirium of grandeur, Don Jesus is confronted by three indigenous women who arrive to his deathbed to reclaim their heads.

We had the honor of collaborating with the team of Teatro La Plaza, offering our experience and knowledge of the topic, and serving as liaison with Brus Rubio, Amazonian artist and protagonist in our film Stories of the Rubber Boom in the Peruvian Amazon. Brus and his mother offered invaluable advise and support to the staging of Savia.

Below is an excerpt of Savia's brochure, a photo gallery, and newspaper article.


"Savia": Las víctimas invisibles que dejó el 'boom' del caucho en el Perú

por Enrique Planas, El Comercio

11 de octubre, 2017

Luis Alberto León, autor de "La cautiva", nos descubre otro sublevante momento de nuestra historia. Estrena en La Plaza.

Ver artículo:

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