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Center for Visual Anthropology of Peru


CAVP was founded in 2011, building on the thirty years of professional experience of our founding president, Wilton Martinez. We are dedicated to developing visual anthropological knowledge and practice, creating images and experiences in dialogue with people, cultures, and societies. We strive to reach and educate publics more than to follow formal or theoretical styles and paradigms.


  • Design, develop, and execute research projects on visual, sonic, and material cultures.


  • Produce, direct and sponsor ethnographic and other nonfiction media projects with the use of film, photography, and other audiovisual media.


  • Collaborate with national and international programs, persons, and organizations conducting work related to our goals. 


  • Offer visual anthropology consulting services to persons and organizations.


  • Direct and collaborate in the organization and development of events related to the field of visual anthropology (seminars, conferences, festivals).


  • Sponsor and promote productions and research projects related to our field.​

Our team
Wilton Martínez, Ph.D.

I am a visual anthropologist and producer with over 30 years of research, teaching, and production experience with national and international universities and organizations. I currently teach at the University of Maryland University College and have published works on topics related to intercultural communication and visual anthropology. My professional website,, is in use by colleagues and students as educational resource. Ph.D. in social anthropology and M.A. in visual anthropology by the University of Southern California. M.A. in archetypal psychology by Pacifica Graduate Institute.

Liliana Galván, Lic. 
Vice president

I am an educational psychologist and art educator with extensive experience in Peru and abroad. Founding director of the art school Integrarte. National advisor in art and culture curriculum development with the Peruvian Ministry of Education. Former director of Quality Education and dean of the Faculty of Human Sciences at the Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas. Have taught at the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru and The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. Lic. in Educational Psychology from Universidad Cayetano Heredia. DEA in University Pedagogy from the Universidad Politécnica of Cataluña.

Alberto Chirif, Lic.

Member of CAVP’s advisory committee. I am an anthropologist specialized in Amazonian studies and the collective rights of indigenous peoples. My recent publications include "Pueblos de yuca brava: Historia y culinaria" (2014), "Pueblos indígenas amazónicos e industrias extractivas en la selva" (2011), co-editor with Manuel Cornejo of "Imaginario e Imágenes de la época del caucho: Los sucesos del Putumayo" (2009).

Alejandro Camino, M.A.

Member of CAVP’s advisory committee. I am an anthropologist and director of the Museum of Sacred, Magical and Medicinal Plants, a private ethnobotanical exhibit located in Cusco city. Pursued doctoral studies at the University of Michigan and currently teach at the Universidad del Pacífico. I specialize in directing and managing sociocultural and rural development projects, and natural y cultural heritage conservation.

Ana María Staicu, M.A.

I am an independent filmmaker and CAVP affiliate. I was raised in Romania and studied video and photography at the National University of the Arts in Bucharest. I live in Lima since 2012 and graduated from the MA program in Visual Anthropology at the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru.

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